The Building

Saint Yon Trade Training Centre was named after a school established by Saint John Baptist de La Salle in Rouen France in 1705.

The property was large (14.5 acres) and was owned by the sister in law of the Archbishop of Reims.

This school was a first for de la Salle, where a great vision of education for all became a reality and new innovative and alternative teaching practices were undertaken.

Students have the opportunity to follow an ATAR or NON-ATAR pathway of study. They also have access to School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships in addition to undertaking training towards Certificate II / Certificate III credentials. .

Guidelines for Enrolments

EVET – If you are a student who is remaining at your school and wish to do either one or two VET courses at Saint Yon, use the following page to enrol online. Please click here for the forms needed to enrol for EVET.

IBL – If you are a student wishing to leave your school and enrol in the IBL course at Saint Yon TTC, you must first apply to enrol at Lasalle Catholic College Bankstown.

Application forms for Lasalle College (click here)

Application form for IBL Course (click here)

Both the Lasalle and the IBL forms need to be completed and returned to the College for processing and interviews to be arranged.