Enrolment Guidelines

Gaining enrolment into Saint Yon Trade Training Centre is based on genuine vocational interest. Saint Yon offers courses that begin the transition from school to career. They are the early pathway planning steps into a multitude of options steming from a vocational learning area.

Students may elect to attend LaSalle Catholic College on a full-time basis because they want to include an extensive program of vocational education in their subject choices. In this instance their timetable could include two vocational subjects. These students may also be keen to apply for enrolment into the Industry Based Learning (IBL) class and combine work (and the chance of an apprenticeship) with their HSC.

Students may also elect to be a part-time student if they are currently enrolled in a Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic School. In this instance, students continue to attend their current school and come to Saint Yon Trade Training Centre for the vocational lessons.

Either way the process for enrolment is simple. Your Year Coordinator needs to write a comment about you, have the Principal sign the form and then send it to the Head of Trade Training at Saint Yon Trade Training Centre. (Contact details are on the form)

Your form will be processed and you will be contacted by one of the staff members at the Saint Yon Trade Training Centre to advise you of the outcome of your expression of interest. If you are a suitable full-time applicant you will be invited to attend an enrollment interview at LaSalle Catholic College. The final stage of acceptance into Saint Yon is you and your parents agreeing to the expectations!

  • Parents are prepared to support the student levy
  • Student understands the relevance and benefits of the course in relation to the students pathway planning.
  • Student will strive to be punctual and attend all training (unless ill or leave is granted).
  • Student is motivated and will apply their self with due diligence and commitment to course demands.
    •  Complete to the best of their ability all set tasks and competencies.
    •  Attend mandatory work placement and complete journal requirements.
    •  Catch up on any work missed at Saint Yon or at school (due to training).
  • Student will behave in a mature manner, showing respect and dignity towards staff and peers.
  • Student will carefully adhere to safety instructions and expectations (set by staff) when using Saint Yon facilities, equipment and machinery.
  • Student will comply with uniform expectations.
  • Parents will support the Saint Yon staff and their son/daughter in ensuring this criterion is met.

Please print and return by fax, email or post. Details on bottom of form