Useful Forms

Student Workplace Learning Record
This form needs to be completed by the student, the parent and the employer. It is a permission note required to be held by the school while the student is at work placement.
A student cannot go to Work Placement if this form has not been completed, signed by each party and returned to the supervising teacher.
Student Expectations Agreement
This form needs to be completed by every student who has been accepted for enrolment in a course at Saint Yon Trade Training Centre. It is a declaration by student’s and parent’s that they will meet the expectations for Saint Yon.
Student Withdrawal Form
This form needs to be completed if a student intends to withdraw from a course at Saint Yon.  Please complete and pass on completed form to the Head of Trade Training.
Student and Parent Guide to Workplace Learning
Find answers to frequently asked questions about work placement, a great resource to discuss work placement with your parents to ensure you are fully prepared.
IBL Work Days Policy