What is a School-Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBAT)?

During Years 11 and 12 school-based apprentices/trainees spend one day a week performing paid work for an employer, with extra days work during timetabled work blocks to add up to a minimum of 100 days, depending on the qualification sought.

An employer of a school-based apprentice or trainee is asked to provide:

  • A suitably qualified or experienced person to facilitate training and supervise the apprentice/trainee in the workplace
  • Opportunities to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge of the trade
  • Access to structured on and/or off-the-job training
  • A safe working environment free from any form of harassment
  • Other benefits specified in the training agreement or industrial arrangement
  • Regular communication on student progress to Saint Yon Trade Training Centre
  • Contact Saint Yon Trade Training Centre today by phone 02 9793 5600 to get started
  • Arrange an interview and student trial for a school based apprenticeship
  • The Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) will put together the contract paperwork for you and advise on the availability of any Government subsidies

It’s really as simple as that!

Benefits for SBAT Employers

At the completion of their schooling these students will be well-trained and have an unparalleled understanding of your business making a transition to a regular apprenticeship easier. Other benefits include:

  • An apprentice/trainee with commitment, support and the right attitude
  • Flexible part-time apprentice/trainee – they have a higher level of education and are available to work flexibly to suit the needs of your business
  • All government incentives paid (minimum days/incentives paid determined by qualification)
  • Payroll tax rebates
  • Workers’ compensation premium exemptions
  • Ongoing mentoring and support from Saint Yon TTC is available for employers as well as their students