I know I want a career in a Trade!

Students who can tell us this are encouraged to apply for enrolment in the Industry Based Learning class. These students undertake a set curriculum that allows them to:

  • Achieve the HSC by attending school 3 or 4 days a week
  • Work 1 to 2 days a week
  • Complete trade training up to the first year of an apprenticeship

I am not sure if I will always want to be a ‘Tradie’

Students who are not certain about their future in a trade do not need to stress. There are many pathways that can be followed after a student completes their apprenticeship. There is opportunities for students to complete further training and study at Diploma and Degree level. Often employers support further training through financial incentives. Entering a trade is the first step in following a vocational pathway.

Why would I stay at school if I get an apprenticeship?

The HSC (Higher School Certificate) is your ticket to enrol in further study and to hopefully follow your career path. In this competitive world employers and tertiary institutions expect  every school leaver to have a HSC – it is very difficult to progress with a career if you do not have one.

Getting an apprenticeship while you are at school is a fantastic opportunity, however it is possible to lose an apprenticeship for a variety of reasons – the economy, illness or poor attitude or performance are some examples . If this happens you will need a HSC to get another job or to do further study. It is best to complete your HSC while you are still at school!