Tailor how the HSC looks for your Son or Daughter

There are three options that a student can take to make Saint Yon a part of their HSC studies, two of these options mean that your son or daughter can stay at their current school for year 11 and 12.  If they choose to take up the Industry Based Learning pathway, students will need to enrol into LaSalle Catholic College at Bankstown- why? We have a flexible timetable to allow students to access the workplace each week and the support of dedicated staff that are very experienced in their fields to assist with all facets of a HSC pathway that includes an apprenticeship.

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At Saint Yon we are able to offer a wider variety of Vocational Education opportunities. This is largely because of the wonderful facilities that have been built here on the site of La Salle Catholic College Bankstown, but also due to the close ties we have established with TAFE, who in many courses provide the training for our students. We also have dedicated VET staff from La Salle Catholic college that teach in the trade training centre.

The trade training centre does not exist separate to La Salle Catholic college, but rather shares not only its physical grounds but also its spirit. Students that come to Saint Yon, either for one course, or as an enrolled school based apprentice can expect to be treated with the courtesy and respect that they deserve, after all a Trade Training Centre in its nature is an adult learning environment.

Saint Yon is handy to many transport options, and is located on the bustling Chapel Road in bankstown next door to the TAFE institute, entry can be gained by the gate at the front of La Salle Catholic College.

If you are considering an option that may help your son or daughter tailor their education towards thier interests, keen to give them a step up into training involving skills that will result in real employment prospects please feel free to contact us and organise to have a look around.