Saint Yon Trade Training Centre was named after a school established by Saint John Baptist de La Salle in Rouen France in 1705. The property was large (14.5 acres) and was owned by the sister in law of the Archbishop of Reims. This school was a first for de la Salle, where a great vision of education for all became a reality and new innovative and alternative teaching practices were undertaken.  

Saint Yon housed retired Brothers, as well as novices (those beginning their lives as Brothers). Each end of the spectrum had much to offer the other and the Brothers worked tirelessly – doing whatever it took to care for the individuals that graced Saint Yon’s grounds. The brothers were stretched both personally and professionally. They offered each student the opportunity for growth, preparing them for all aspects of life after school. Saint Yon curriculum contained vocational learning – technical workshops included on the site site for mechanics and courses in accounting were offered. Saint Yon was not a traditional school and de la Salle was led by his “wise and gentle God” in bringing hope and possibility to the students who were enrolled. Saint Yon remains a model of inclusivity where all are viewed as God’s most precious children.

Saint Yon Trade Training Centre will endeavour to uphold the philosophies of the school de la Salle started all those years ago.