Work Place Learning

This is a mandatory component of Vocational Education courses. Students are required to spend 70 hours in the work place for each 2 unit (240 hour) course. This is usually managed through 2 work place sessions – one in the first year of the course and one in the second year of the course.

If a student does not complete the required time in the work place, they are deemed to have not satisfactorily met the outcomes and will consequently receive an N-Award for that subject.

Students must keep a log of what they do in the work place, the hours of work they do and evaluations of what they have learnt. They also need to have a supervisor complete a report on their attitude and achievement in the work place. Each student is given a journal that must be completed to meet the requirements of the course.

A mentor (Teacher, Trainer or Industry Liaison Officer) will ring the supervisor while your son/daughter are at work and visit them during the work placement.

Schools use local partnership brokers to assist in finding work placement for students. It is vital parents support staff in ensuring students attend all allocated work placement sessions.

This booklet contains important information about your son/daughter’s rights and responsibilities and the skills to be learned and how they will be assessed. You should read it carefully and discuss it with your son/daughter so they get the most out of their placement/experience.

Student/Parent’s Guide to Work Place Learning